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2022 Regatta Information

    Regatta is the term used for boat racing events. These are usually one or two-day events. Many volunteers and hours of preparation are required to organize and run a successful regatta. Parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to volunteer at these events – you will learn more about the sport and help run the regattas that the athletes train so hard for!

    The full 2022 EOD Regatta Schedule can be found at but the key regattas for most NBCC parents and Athletes to note are as follows:
    • Springapalloza, June 18th in North Bay. This regatta is one of two qualifying regattas for the Ontario Summer Games team. Events will be limited to U16, U14 and Special Olympics categories but some experienced U12 paddlers may also have an opportunity to race. Races will be 500 metres.
    • Carleton Place Regatta, July 16. Races will be for U12/U14 athletes with possibly some U10 athletes in team boats. This will be a fun regatta and the first of the summer for many athletes.
    • Rideau U16 Regatta, July 17. Races will be for U16’s, some High Performance U14’s, Para athletes and Special Olympics athletes
    • EOD Qualifiers/Championships, July 29th – 31st at Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa. This is a critical regatta for all age groups because the top 8 finishers in the U12, U14 and U16 age categories qualify for the Ontario Championships, with the top 3 U16 finishers also qualifying for the National Championships. Some U10 athletes may also be asked to participate as part of a U12 crew boat.
    • Ontario Championships, August 13th & 14th at Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa. The top 4 U12, U14 and U16 finishers in Eastern and Western Ontario Divisions will compete in the “Competitive” races, with the 5th to 8th place finishers from each Division competing in the “Development” races. Some U10 athletes may also be asked to participate if they are members of a U12 crew boat that qualifies.
    • CKC National Championships, August 23-27 in Shawinigan, QC. The top three U16, U18, Junior, Senior and Para categories qualifiers from each Sprint division in Canada will compete. Some exceptional U14 athletes may also participate, typically as part of a U16 crew boat.
    • Fallapalloza, September 24th in Carleton Place. Fallapalloza is an all-day training camp in which U14 and some U12 athletes are grouped with athletes and coaches from other clubs for a variety of training and fitness testing activities. It’s a great way to make new friends and experience new ways of training.