Spring Intro to Sprint Racing Camp


June 3 to June 28, 2024

Program Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday,Thursday, Friday - 6:30 to 8:00 PM


8 to 17 years old as of January 1, 2024 (Born in 2006 - 2015)



Our new Spring Intro to Sprint Camp builds on from the recreational canoe and kayak skills learned in Canoe Kids to prepare young athletes for the full summer sprint racing season. Paddlers will initially develop balance and technique in multi-person team boats, then in progressively faster (and less stable!) singles racing canoes and kayaks as they progress.

This camp is intended for athletes  considering joining our Sprint Canoe Kayak Racing team for the summer. Although previous paddling experience is an asset, it is not required to join this program. Athletes that do move on to the Sprint Racing program will have the Summer registration fee reduced by the amount of the Spring Intro to Sprint fee, essentially attending the camp for free!

Due to water temperature at the beginning of June, no swim assessment is required for the spring camp but all participants must be capable of swimming 25 metres and treading water for one minute without a life jacket. Participants are also are required to wear a Government of Canada Approved Personal Flotation Device while on or near the water.


What to Pack for the Spring Intro to Sprint Racing Camp

NBCC will provide all the necessary paddling equipment including Personal Floatation Devices (PFD's) but participants are welcome to bring their own PFD. Here are a few things we recommend they take to each session:

  • Shorts, T-shirt and at least one change of clothes. Clothing should be comfortable, loose fitting and preferably made of quick drying fabric (they do get wet!)
  • Swimsuit & towel
  • Running shoes for dryland games
  • A water bottle, filled at home
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for cold, wet evenings


Inclement Weather

​Paddlers can still have fun in the rain! However, if there is heavy rain, gusty winds or thunderstorms we can not be on the water. In these situations and when severe weather warnings are issued in advance, NBCC will move the activities to land or indoors.